Leah’s Story

Leah came to see me in July 2013, having been experiencing right upper quadrant pain and heartburn for about a month.  Her doctor had done an ultrasound on her, looking for gallstones, but found none.  Other tests revealed a 0% ejection rate from her gallbladder.  She decided to try other options before following through with her doctor’s suggestion of gallbladder surgery.  She knew there had to be another way, but she felt lost and alone.

As a working mother with two young children, Leah was obviously stressed, but with these digestive concerns, she began  experiencing panic attacks.

Her digestive system was in crisis: “food sits in my stomach,” with a full feeling, burping, nausea, and indigestion.  She had followed recommendations to eat a low-fat, high-carb diet but was still experiencing pain and nausea.  Even more troubling was her weight loss.  Not that she really had weight to lose.

I suggested the paleo diet and recommended that Leah use Diane Sanfilippo’s “Practical Paleo” as a guide.  I also suggested adding in nettles infusions, and as many forms of magnesium as possible.  I recommended a very specific herb for her gallbladder issues and a lipase enzyme supplement that she was to use until she started feeling better.

During her September appointment, she had “figured out the food pattern” and joyfully reported that she had added nuts (formerly problematic and painful) back into her diet.

In November, we met to discuss how she could expand her healing to the rest of her life – housecleaning products, cosmetics, and toiletries.

Meeting with you was life changing.  I mean, the weeks before coming to you, I felt like I was going to die either from not being able to eat or from the severe pain.  I’m still so grateful everyday!!

Leah, Indiana

You were able to help me with sciatic pain and mobility issues using body work techniques. You also suggested some herbs and supplements that helped with muscle pain, allergies and fatigue.  I sought you out from pure desperation but came to trust you because 3 bodywork sessions helped me more than 2 years of chiropractic, surgery and medication.

Angela, Indiana

Angela’s Story

Angela started dealing with low back pain in the spring of 2012.  She’d had a bulging disc and went through decompression therapy to address that problem.  She continued to have pain through her right hamstring.  Her right foot had numbness and her right leg felt like it was on fire.  Her pain continued to get worse, and after an MRI, it turned out that her L5 disc had “blown out” and was impinging the sciatic nerve.  She had surgery to correct the problem; after surgery, most of the pain seemed to go away — not all of it — yet she still had numbness in her foot.  She had physical therapy for 12 weeks but didn’t see much improvement.  In fact, she still experienced swelling when she did any sort of movement.

Other aspects of her health suffered while she was experiencing the back pain.  Her ears started ringing after a chiropractic adjustment; most of the time, the chiropractic sessions landed her in bed with ice packs because of the pain.  She had her first ever sinus infection also that summer.  She developed hives, her hair started to fall out, and she started taking anxiety medication.  Moreover, because she couldn’t move well (let alone do any sort of rigorous exercise), she started gaining weight.  It seemed like her body was falling apart.

She found me in April 2014 and called for an appointment, out of sheer desperation.  At that time, she had limited mobility, as evidenced by the difficulty she had sitting down and putting on or taking off her shoes.  During my assessment of her movement, she could not bend forward much at all – perhaps enough to have her hands dangle almost to her knees.  Her first session consisted  exclusively of gentle bodywork.  Two weeks later, she reported that not only did she not have to use ice packs afterwards but that she and no more pain in her hamstrings.

After those two initial sessions, we shifted to one bodywork session per month.  Along the way, I suggested various nutritional approaches to better support her healing.  At her six month appointment, I pointed out that her mobility had improved so much that she was now able to touch her toes while bending forward — without pain.


You have opened our eyes to the complexities of our body’s complex processes and offered nutritionally sound recommendations on how to best nourish them.

Clark, Indiana

Jennifer’s approach to health using multiple modalities is highly favored by our family.

Amanda, Indiana

You have been so supportive in my learning about homeopathy and how it pertains to my symptoms and ailments. Thank you so much for the knowledge you’ve given me that not only has helped my feel better, stronger, and to heal but has helped my kids with all sorts of ailments. We now have a better understanding of homeopathy and use that before going for over-the-counter drugs that can have side effects. Your knowledge of herbal remedies is also greatly appreciated. The calendula tea suggestion has healed my gut and helped me add foods back into my diet that were causing issues before. Thank again for all of your guidance!

Sabrina, D.C.

You have helped my family by really having a firm understanding of holistic care. You have been able to refer to things for our various constitutions from your own knowledge database and those things have helped us. I believe you have been instrumental in limiting our doctor and urgent care visits.

Brandi, NM