Remote Consults

You might choose this “location” option if:

  • You are more than two hours (by car) from Bloomington/Nashville Indiana.
  • You live in a rural area with limited access to holistic practitioners.
  • You have a clear phone line or a high speed data connection that permits video chat.

You might choose a different location option if:

  • You are within a two hour drive of Bloomington/Nashville, Indiana.
  • You think that you might like to experience the whole offering of advice and bodywork (obviously, bodywork doesn’t happen in remote consults).

Remote Consults

Prior to your consultation, I will provide you with a Consent Form, a Self-Assessment form, and a form in which you will document current medications and supplements.  You will need to return the completed forms to me 24 hours prior to your remote appointment.

If we are using Skype or Google Hangouts, you will need to connect with me at least a day prior to your appointment.

Because it is harder to make a good bond over the distance, I do encourage you to be in a quiet place with no other distractions or interruptions.

We will begin the session with a little meditation to change the gears in our minds, to focus on you and your needs.  During your session, we will review your Self-Assessment for completeness.  I will likely ask for clarification on some points; I may even have you fully repeat answers to questions to ensure that I have the complete picture.  After the session, I will spend about a week reviewing the notes I have made and then send a follow-up email with your Wellness Protocol (if applicable) and/or recommendations.

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