Angela, Indiana

You were able to help me with sciatic pain and mobility issues using body work techniques. You also suggested some herbs and supplements that helped with muscle pain, allergies and fatigue.  I sought you out from pure desperation but came to trust you because 3 bodywork sessions helped me more than 2 years of chiropractic, surgery and medication.

Services for Women

When we center women in care, the whole family benefits.  So, my role is to offer women the tools to better fulfill their role within their families while also addressing their own dreams and desires.  I assist women of all ages, from young women (who haven’t yet started a family of their own) through to postmenopausal women (whose needs are often sandwiched between those of aging parents and growing grandchildren).

I am a facilitator and an educator, not a prescriber of “must do” tasks.  I offer guidance about nutrition and herbs.  My approach to nutrition is a functional one, because the best diet for you is one that doesn’t inflame or irritate your body but must also be one that you will eat.  I don’t generally start with herbs (and sometimes don’t even need to add herbs) because diet and lifestyle are so much more important.

I also focus on lifestyle changes, particularly the environment through which you move and how you move through that environment.  Lighting and exposure to EMFs are two aspects of our environment that many practitioners overlook but which take key roles in my conversations with clients.

The bodywork I offer is very different from physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic approaches.  It is based on manual osteopathic techniques (including craniosacral therapy) and reflex release techniques.  I find that this approach partners well with the nutritional/herbal and lifestyle education.

Your first session is 30 minutes in length and is free.  No strings attached.  This session serves as a “first date” for us both – you decide if you can work with me (and my quirks), and I decide if I can work you.  If I decide that I don’t feel like I am a good fit, I will refer you to another practitioner who might be more appropriate.  Contact me to schedule this “first date”.

A regular session typically lasts for 60 minutes, includes some conversation and some bodywork, and costs $80.  I accept cash, check or credit card (including some HSA cards, but you must know whether your HSA covers naturopathic services).  As an unlicensed practitioner, I cannot participate in insurance programs.