Payment Transparency

Payment seems to be a difficult discussion to have between practitioner and client.  In a traditional medical model, the practitioner rarely talks to the patient directly about payment; in the holistic model, practitioners generally do not have office staff and the issue of payment comes up often and awkwardly.

First, many naturopathic practices (licensed or not) are very unclear about their fees.  This particular lack of transparency has always irked me.  If cost is a consideration for a potential client,  it is really important (to me, anyway) to show what the costs will be.

Second, in my experience, clients seem uneasy discussing payment with their practitioner.   I have had clients walk out at the end of a session without paying, or forget their wallet and couldn’t pay, or want to use their credit card (before I was able to handle credit cards), and so on…  payment just seems to be a difficult and uncomfortable topic.  As a result, my policy is to require some sort of pre-payment for all services, including full pre-payment for followups and an up-front deposit for multi-session packages.  My website supports multiple payment methods to make the transaction as simple as possible.  Where credit cards are concerned, bank-level SSL encryption is enforced and credit card information is only stored with the trusted processor, never locally on my website.  The payment processor (Braintree) is fully PCI-DSS compliant, which means they take every possible precaution to keep credit card information safe. For clients that do not wish to use credit/debit cards, I recommend using Dwolla, a cash-based payment network. Dwolla can be used without creating an account, which allows you to pay using digital checks directly from your linked bank account.